Friday, November 1, 2013

Check Hell's Thermostat

I actually painted a miniature...

Seriously, this is the part of the hobby that I really stink at. It's not so much that I'm no good at painting (I'm not great), but I really just don't enjoy it. I enjoy having painted figures but the process of getting them there isn't as entertaining as it is for some. 

Anyhow, the figure I chose to paint is one that I sculpted myself, back about the time I first started sculpting for real. I was on a zombie kick at the time and wanted to have a big ol' Mega Zed to slap on my table. The resulting figure wasn't really suitable for molding and casting, but it was still cool. I based it up and it sat on my shelf. 

The figure is a nasty one with horribly mutated muscle and bone structure, a talon hand and a giant piercing spike. His face is deformed, exposing crooked teeth and eyes of differing sizes - one bulged out, the other in a deep socket. Oddly enough this mutant freak seems to have found the same amazing line of pants as the Incredible Hulk and as such, I have painted them an appropriate purplish hue. He works wonderfully as a Mega Mutant as much as a Mega Zed and can be seen below menacing a group of post-apocalyptic wastelanders (converted from French Indian Wars figs).


  1. Nice job he looks suitably monstrous! Love the post apoc gangers as well. Great idea converting them from FIW figures

  2. I'm really glad there's someone out there that feels the same way about painting as me!
    Great job. I'm storing this in my memory banks.


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