Sunday, August 25, 2013

Galaxy Trucker - A Really Really Mean Expansion.

The newest expansion for Galaxy Trucker, Another Big Expansion is an ass kicker to be sure!

In a game that delights in foiling well-layed plans and destroying players dreams of the perfect ship, this expansion kicks that masochistic fun into overdrive.

There are a bunch of new tiles in this expansion including many combination pieces, robot crew, solar panels, armories and internal automated defense (for the new boarding rules), along with a host of other goodies. There are even tiles that allow tiles, that normally have must be adjacent, to function as one tile apart (connected by the new tile).

There are some really nasty new cards, most of which are driven by the new tiles and rules for them. There are new asteroid cards, commandos and predators (both types of boarding encounters) as well as some other nasty surprised like open space with asteroids.

There are new ships for this expansion (again) and a new level IV ship that combines two ship boards into a BIG ship. The kicker on the level IV ships is that each combo is different so in the final round the players are not all playing on the same board.

Overall this is another fun expansion for the Galaxy Trucker. It does make the game more lethal, though I have a feeling it will become less so as we become more acquainted with the ever-increasing variety of tiles and rules.


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