Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy Gygax Day

So, while my plans to spend what i could of the night rolling dice and gaming didn't work out, we did end up having a fitting tribute to the man who got this ball rolling.

My buddy showed up with a copy of Gamers 2 and so the kids, he and I enjoyed cake, soda and Chinese food as we geeked out to the farcical movie that succeeds in being both a wonderful lampooning of our hobby and one of the best examples of what a good game can be. My youngest really got into the spirit of things and everything she did for the rest of the night was decided on the roll of imaginary dice. I think they were loaded as they rolled in her favor quite often.

The kids and i have decided to make this a regular thing in years to come and want to make a bigger deal out of it with prepared adventures and planning.

So, as I head to bed, I write this in thanks to Gary Gygax and also to the many who followed him to create the best hobby there is.

Game on everybody,



  1. An excellent idea, and that movie had me howling with laughter. Much better than the first one, I thought. I especially liked the bard who could not die.

  2. They are local guys. Thestore they are gaming in is one I hit every time I go down to GameStorm. they are definitely not close enough to be my FLGS, but they are a great shop.

    While I cannot say I have ever met or know the cast, I know i've been at thegaming table and mingled with them at conventions. Makes it even cooler, I suppose knowing they are real gaming folks.


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