Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Ever-Expanding Workshop

We have been in the new house for almost three years now and throughout that time, I have been gifted with more and more space for my hobby. My wife, Jenn, is very good about making sure that I have at least this space to call my own and even as it grows to spill out into every corner of the garage, she still maintains it as my rightful space.

The two work benches and a storage shelf. These benches are always stuffed with projects and a pile of supplies that needs putting away. A friendly magnetic octopus keep concept and inspirational art in place on a wall-mounted white board. 

Boxes store finished terrain of all shapes and sizes. A lot of recycling going on here. 

A new space saver, this still needs organizing. The shelving sits atop a bunch of drawers. All built by Jenn's departed grandfather.

More shelves storing painted minis and terrain.

Even the laundry area shares space with my projects!

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