Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In it to win it!

Soooo....ya. I really like the looks of All Quiet on the Martian Front and couldn't be happy just buying enough to build one side. So, I upped my pledge and took advantage of the Early Bird Full Assault level - $245. May seem like a lot but look what all I get PLUS the various Stretch Goals that get unlocked.

But look what all I get at that level...


  1. Tell me again how you are hiding this one from Jen? Because I may need a secret trick or two to hide something like this from the memsahib myself.

  2. I pointed out that the projected release date was Christmas and that it could be considered my Christmas present :)

  3. Oh and making sure that my pledge included everything needed for two people to play helped because i can play it with the kids or the wife, if willing.

  4. I did something similar with the IHMN and EotD programs. Enough to play two factions, at least.


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