Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pulp Alley - Kro-Ak's Revenge

Showdown at Ktembi Station

Having defeated Kro-Ak and his minions while seeking out the lost treasures of the jungle, Countess Velasco and her men return to their base at Ktembi Station, a trading post on the edge of the marshy jungle. Much to their dismay, they find the station has been ransacked and their treasures scattered about with soul to be found.

Unknown to them, Kro-Ak and his minions had regrouped raided the station in their absence. the crafty swamp god and his minions waited at the jungles edge, hoping to lure the Countess and her men with their scattered booty.

This was a teaching game and so Chuck and I decided to go with a simple Smash & Grab for Iken and Richard to play.

Plot Points all represented different scattered treasures and were...

Major - Golden Sphinx
Minor - Gold Mask
Minor - Devil in Stone
Minor - Golden statue of Amen-Ramen
Minor - Chin warrior statue

Starting table setup

The countess and her men approached the station spread out. Keeping Zelda, her gypsy mystic, close at hand Countess Velasco took up the left flank while Bronzini took the center position with his BAR. Theo and Aldo approached on the right at the far end of the marsh.
Kro-Ak and two of his lizardmen skulked among the brush, letting their natural tropical colors blend in with the leaves while the other three took up and ambush position among the crates and barrels near the station.

The great golden sphinx rests in the middle of the open amid the termite mounds. A tempting enticement for the Countess and her minions.

As the Countess advances, two of the lizardmen slink into the station to take up a defensive position and control of the gold mask.
Zelda and the Countess move toward the gold Sphinx. Kro-Ak bursts from the jungle, charging in a ferocious assault through the termite mounds. 

Kro-Ak is soon joined by his minions as the ambush turns into a full-blown fight. Shots zip past and even ricochet off of the hug frog beast. Some of the Countess' lackies freeze when confronted by his might, unable to do shoot.

Theo, having made his way to the station, finds himself engaged in a firefight with lizardmen hurling arrows from in and around the station. Even though they seek shelter in the door ways, Theo is still able to get a clear shot.

Bronzini support Theo's advance with his BAR belshing .30 bullets. While the lizardmen seek shelter in the station, his hail of fire still gets through. Unfortunately, the beastly adversaries are able to weather the fire.

Iken enjoys the success of his slimy minions.

Caught in a moment of mirth, I look on at a nasty battle between the two leagues.

While Theo is busy dodging poisoned arrows and laying down rifle fire, one of the lizardmen slips from the station with the gold mask (we used color-coded markers to designate who had what plot point) and sneaks into the trees to take cover. 

Aerial shot of the central action

Kro-ak snatches the golden sphinx, dispatching Zelda, and then continues his rampage toward the Countess as she takes down the lizardman warrior who has managed to harry her for several turns. Seeing the Countess is in danger, Theo breaks from his pitched battle to move on the monstrous swamp god.

With victory in sight and Theo otherwise occupied, the remaining lizardmen slither back under cover, seeking refuge near the station while their lord continues his battle for the sphinx.

The game ended with The Countess in control of two minor plot points and Kro-Ak in control of two minor plot points as well as the major plot point. All told the fight was an even one with minimal casualties, though Zelda fell once again (for a fortuneteller she doesn't seem to have a lot of good fortune).

All players had a good time, even though there were a few goofs on the part of Chuck and I who are still getting the rules down. I was happy to see that Kro-Ak, who had  been annihilated in the first game was able to hold his own in this second battle. The lizardmen, who had proven worthless against the Countess and her men in the first game, did remarkably well with one particular lizardman going toe-to-toe with the Countess (Leader vs Ally) and surviving several turns.



  1. Sounds and looks like a fun game! My wife thinks you and I were separated at birth, by the way.

  2. The system is super easy and I think you might find it great for quick games set in a VSF universe.


  3. It was a cool game, even though I was just an adviser. Both leagues used were of my creation and my figs so I got to see how well my creations did.

    I am supposed to play a game against my wife and teach her the system tonight. I expect to get my butt kicked by her mad doctor with his "Mentallo Sphere" and his mobster flunkies.

  4. Eli! You've set the bar too high this time; this is a fantastic batrep and writeup, great pics too. We need one of these now from you on a regular basis! Love the table/garage pics, and look how happy everyone is! I'll stop pestering you to come to the Appalachians, I'll now pester my fam to move to the northwest.


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