Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stop Being a Baby!

Yes, I am a big baby when it comes to painting miniatures.

It's the worst affliction to have in this hobby. I love gaming. I love miniatures but I'm a big whiny baby when it comes to painting. I'm afraid I'll mess the minis up. I'm not good enough. I'm not fast enough. The orc in the corner is laughing at me. I'll do nearly anything to avoid painting my own miniatures.

Well, I'm not rich and I can't pay somebody to paint them for me so I'm going to suck it up.

Starting December I will be painting SOMETHING every week. I don't care if it's a single figure or a whole bunch of troops painted to a bleh standard. I will cover lead with pigment. Of course I'm going to cheat and short-cut the crap out of it but I'm going to paint.

To warm up, I'll be finishing up existing work and then working on some simpler models - civilians, tribals, etc.. Then, I'll take on some of the more complex things. My paints are old, my brushes are pretty spare but I'm going to paint. 

Maybe if people see me painting, they'll buy me painting stuff for Christmas!



  1. Nice try, Eli...for a second there I was reaching for my wallet! (:0)=

  2. Jay,

    Sorry for the unintentional tease.

    May I ask what you thought I was announcing?


    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and family, Eli.

      Loved the tease and I understand the dilemma. Personally, I have so many minis prepped and primed and put away, I'll probably not get many of them painted before I move-on.

      Spacejacker has hit the nail on the head for sure. However, I work with between 5-8 figures at a time. For maximum modeling motivation, my strategy was to start to make a game with all new figures and terrain. This project has been a major motivation for me to "get something done," and has kept me going steadily down the road of model painting, albeit slow.

      My comment was directed at your last statement in your post...Makes sense to me!! Just a twist on words (without the added context)...I'm pinching pennies so hard this Winter that this Christmas, no matter how sincere my wishes for someone might be, I'm keeping my few shekels tucked away for a rainy day, and 'am not buying presents. It is just a figure of speech, Eli.

      I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labors!

  3. I have 3 tricks for this.
    1. Neatly put away your unpainted figures. They can't discourage you if you can't see them.
    2. Start off working on no more than 5 figures at a time. This way you can get back to one while the other is drying, and you shouldn't get overwhelmed or bored like you will with 10 or more.
    3. It's meant to be fun! Paint what you are most interested in painting, not what you feel you "should". I'm sure you have enough to choose from.. I know I do.

    This is how I always get myself involved in a project, and it's apparently the only way to get Mik to paint these days ;)

  4. Good luck with the painting, I gave up in disgust years ago.

  5. Good plan Eli. I like your stuff, so get crackin' and share some painted lead. :)

  6. Throw down that rattle and get to it! Not that I can complain, I don't paint at all.

    I am sure you will amaze us all with your brushwork.


  7. Amaze? I doubt that. Even at my best, I was only passable.


  8. I know how you feel Eli- I love painting minis, yet after a while, I just want to finish the batch in progress, then I end up rushing them......frustrating, innit?!

  9. "The orc in the corner is laughing at me."!! XD


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