Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Curious Little Tome

I picked this book up at the local Half Priced Books. Four the $5 it cost me, I didn't see a problem with picking up an obscure bit of 3E fun and I cannot say that I regret it.

The book itself is presented in a curious format. It has a lay-flat, ringed spine and hard covers, making it perfect for the tabletop. No trouble getting it to stay on the right page which is critical as this book is set up for a series of presentations that are splashed across two facing pages.

The book is is a series of encounters, or small adventure areas, usually just a few room per map. You get a nicely rendered grey scale map, and a series of descriptions detailing the various rooms presented on the map. There are occasional note suggesting tie-ins with other sections in the book in some of them, allowing you to expand beyond that map if you choose.

What I find most useful about the book is that each of the sections is self-contained enough to allow for a quickie side jaunt but also tie into a larger section if you need something more substantial. Even though it's statted for 3E, it would be no great thing to sub in the stats from whatever version of D&D or similar system you are using.

I see this getting much use in my family game.



  1. I owned that book, and hated it. It felt unfinished and seemed to be missing maps and such. Just hated it.


  2. Flaws and all it's still full of useful bits and if nothing else offers a curious glimpse at some of the interesting attempts at innovation that crept out during the flood of 3E stuff.



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