Monday, September 3, 2012

Iron Skies is Pure Gold

The guys at the local game store (Yes! Finally have one!) were awesome enough to invite some folks to an after business hours screening of this film. Store was closed for business and it was a pizza and beer sort of an affair. 

If you haven't seen this independent film, or haven't because you thought it would be awful, let me say it is bad, but only in the best possible ways. What amazed and surprised me was the level of polish to the movie. It didn't feel like a low budget movie. the acting was campy, but seemed almost intentionally so, as if the whole point was to made a really GOOD version of a BAD movie.

It is clear that there are some messages to be had in the movie, but really there is so much fun going on they may get lost in their own packaging. This, of course, is only magnified by a few beers and a room full of geeky viewers who are not afraid to hoot and holler mid-film.

In the end, this movie left me satisfied and happy and really wanting to own a copy.

What can you not love about Nazis from the moon.



  1. Nice posting Eli. I have not seen this film but I have seen '25th Reich' which is truly awful and not in a good way.

    Perhaps I shall seek out Iron Sky now.


  2. Yeah it was a pretty nicely done piece of satire and farce.

  3. It's on my 'to do' list for sure, now I'll move it up a couple of notches. Good news on the LGS too, get them hooked on 15mm!


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