Friday, August 24, 2012

Me in a Box


Hey folks,

I just received notification this morning, from Gavin at , that some of my SHM minis are now featured in the new boxed set for the USE ME science fiction miniatures rules. I hadn't even heard of this project until now, but it's a really cool bit of geek fuel to know that my miniatures sculpts were included in a set like this.

The boxed set comes with -

The Grey Aliens
4 Grey Alien Command Miniatures (HOF47)
4 Grey Alien Science Team Miniatures (HOF48)
6 Grey Alien Soldier Miniatures (HOF49)

Outpost 32 Inhabitants
4 Human Soldier Miniatures (HOF6)
9 Mixed Humans and Alien Miniatures (SHM1,2,27,28,29,30,31,32,34)

Seven of the above SHM are from my sculpts and were featured in my first two sets. 

The boxed set also includes the SHM rules and scenario material and is a great way to jump into a simple and incredibly portable set of rules. There's even a pro painted version available that comes with all the figs painted. This is perfect if you are wanting something for that beginning gamer or if your gaming time is at a premium.



  1. Congratulations, Sir! Your creations will soon be exploring the frontiers of space and beyond!

  2. Congrats Eli, how good are the rules?

  3. Congrats Eli! Make sure there are air holes in the box though. :-)

    The rules are excellent, over 2500 copies sold, reviewed online and in print, but I would say that as I penned them. Lurker if you head on over to to the USE ME page you can click on links to blog reviews, bottom of this page:


    Gavin Syme

  4. Awesomesauce! Congratulations Eli! Great minis with a great rulebook!


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