Monday, April 30, 2012

"N" is for...

Nega Zone

One of my favorite genres is Pulp Science Fiction. As amazing as fantasy is to game in, so is this type of science  fiction fun. Really they are almost the same thing with their exotic locations, strange powers, colorful races and fantastic adventures lurking around every corner.

For my own gaming in this setting I created a setting called the Nega Zone. I'm sure it's not an original name but it certainly sets the tone nicely. The Nega Zone is a place where the usual laws that govern the universe are not in play. This is a place where rocket packs are real and amazonian beauties can survive in harsh environments in just a foil bikini and a bubble helmet. Rockets replace starships and gravitic impeller drives replace wings and propellers. Laser swords and energy whips are practical here and your best friend might just be a huge bipedal sheep dog.

Though the setting is not fully developed, I would love to run both miniatures games and role-playing games in it. It's an excuse to use all sorts of wild ideas and to buy small numbers of miniatures of all kinds. It also allows me to do quite a bit of conversion and modelling work if I get that far. I have a few miniatures that would make suitable denizens such as some of Reaper Miniatures' reptilian faction for their Warlord game. I also have some Warhammer Fantasy plastic orcs that i converted to some sort of strange beastmen (below).


Future additions will include all sorts of aliens and heroes. I'd also like to accumulate some suitable freaky monsters and some robots to fill out the crew. Unless i do some sort of insanely big tabletop game i don't foresee the need for many of any given faction.


  1. Have you taken a look at the newly returned Wargames Supply Dump "Dick Garrison" figures? Or the GAFDOZ line?

  2. Could you use one of these for a robot?

    I have one I could spare.

    You might also look at Hydra Miniatures "Retro Raygun" line. Very pulp sci-fi.


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