Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"K" is for...


Ever since I was a kid, I have loved giant movie monsters. I think I saw my first Godillza movie in a theater when I was like 4 or five. I remember thinking how cool those big monsters were. Roaring and taunting one another, bashing huge rocks and cardboard cities. Fire breath and laser eyes, claws, teeth, swishing tail all seemed so awesome and cool I couldn't help but go home with my friends and play monster myself. It's been a lifelong love that i have shared with my nephew, my kids and my friends. My nephew called them, "lizard movies" when he was three and we would sit on the couch and watch Godzilla beat up the kaiju du jour.  

I am sad to say that I have only had one occasion to game any sort of kaiju fun and that's been a ways back. There are some good options out there depending on your tastes. From the popular and mainstream Monsterpocalypse to Destroy All Monsters (and its supplements). These games tend to use miniatures, which is fitting considering the appeal of kaiju is mostly a visual one. Whatever the rules set, the objectiveo f the game is pretty much the same - bash the other guys, crush, crumble, and chomp the city and it's defenders.


  1. Godzilla was a late Friday night monster movie TV show, beer guzzling, and outrageous-laughs time brothers (Redman and the Madhatter) and my cousin (Sloe). A good time was had by all! Godzilla rocks!

  2. AAAAIiiiieeeeee! GOJIRA!

    Admit it: you want to dress in a rubber lizard suit and go crashing through a model of Tokyo.

    I know I do.

  3. There was an old game, not sure how available it is, called The Creature that Ate Sheboygan. I think it was by SPI.


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