Saturday, April 14, 2012

"A" is for...


Alcovia is my go-to imagi-nation for most games these days. Orignally created as an analog for small Balkan nation to be used for colonial era wargaming and VSF, it later evolved into other eras as needs dictated. As Alcovia grew from the 19th century into the early 20th century it gained legs as an inter-war locale for Back of Beyond style gaming and as it did, it gained other imagi-nation neighbors such as Elistonia, Iqenistan, and Theogonia.

Then I started the Crisis in Alcovia project which was the first dedicated blog for Alcovia, chronicling the outbreak of a modern 21st century civil war. This blog is mostly made up of fictional news stories, interviews and media commentary about the goings on during the civil war. I used a lot of pictures of real world conflicts to make the events seem more "realistic".

Most recently Alcovia has been used as the setting for 18th century wargaming during the War of Alcovian Unification? This is a period in which a single Alcovian warlord set his sights on bringing the rough and wild Alcovian Steppes under a single crown as a "modern" nation. You can read about the build-up of this side project on The Dream of the Sleeping Wolf blog.

I'm sure Alcovia will see other incarnations, but I plan to slow down on new iterations of the fictional nation until I've fleshed out the few I already have. 


  1. I enjoyed following Crisis in Alcovia. It inspired my own Untied Kingdom blog, but I found that as your interest in Crisis waned, so did mine in Untied Kingdom. That being said, I gave up on Untied long before you gave up on Crisis.

    I'll be following Sleeping Wolf with interest.

  2. I haven't given up on Alcovia.

    Alcovia ended up being frustrating for a number of reasons and I bogged down trying to get myself out of the corner I painted myself into. The theme is strong and the setting is solid but I wasn't able to get to the gaming parts of it as quickly as I had hoped.

    Most of the issues I encountered came from trying to do it in a completely new scale rather than sticking to 15mm, a scale i was well versed in, had terrain for and even had passable troops and vehicles for.

    Crisis in Alcovia is still a living project, but I am building back up in 15mm.


    1. That's really good news. Glad to hear it. With the Ceasefire announcement, I thought Crisis was over and done with for good.

  3. Sweet! That is great news, because I always liked Alcovia.

  4. Lead Legion and J,

    I've added a new blurb in the side bar that will show the latest posts on my various Alcovia blogs. Check out the "what's Going on in Alcivia" section any time you visit ISLP.



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