Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alien Servitor Sculpt WIP

One of the really fun pieces in this new batch of sculpts is a huge alien humanoid of considerable mass and might that I am designing as a sort of big dumb servitor type. Though he's nowhere near finished a lot of the character of the figure is already taking shape. 

His legs and lower body are rather thick and his skin is wrinkled and loose on his legs, his paunchy gut contained only by the cloth wrappings that preserve his decency. His broad back spreads to the shoulder of his massive, primary arms that can also double as walking limbs if he should wish more stability or load-bearing capacity. Not shown yet are the two smaller secondary arms that will be dangling from under her forward bent torso.

His face is vaguely reptilian, and i have chosen to sculpt a scar across his face and broad mouth to show the hard life he has lead (one too many strikes with a master's gaff). That mouth will get some broad, flat herbivore teeth and the eyes will be sculpted small and beady. I haven't decided as to whether or not I want to adorn his head with any sort of horns, ears or not. I am tempted to give him dangling ears, but those might clutter the secondary arms.



  1. He looks great. From how he looks now I'd want to see either tiny ears or small rhino-like ears. The second set of arms is really cool too.

  2. Alien servitor or maybe an alien Sumo wrestler?

    Nice sculpt Eli :)

    ps I think earholes, maybe with a slightly raised ring around them would look good

  3. Well, the one of the dangling ear could be damaged in half (biten).


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