Sunday, March 18, 2012

Heavy Space Suit Sculpt

Just so folks don't think I've dried up and blown away, I wanted to post one of the sculpts I am working on. 

This one is being done along side some of the other work I am doing. Any time I am sculpting, I usually have several projects going at a time. This keeps me from getting bored and helps keep my ADD tendencies on a productive track. It also helps with the necessary downtime between steps on other sculpts.

I am going with the themes of a heavy duty space or environmental suit with built-in servo enhancements allowing for heavy lifting and load-bearing. This is the sort of suit you might find operating heavy machinery in a hostile environment or lugging around mining equipment on Alpha Proxima IV.

The sculpt is still in the rough right now and there are some places where the details could be sharpened up some. Also, my camera never does these things justice and considering the pictures are three to four times the size of the actual figure, that isn't surprising.

Not sure what route I'm going to go with this project, but we'll see.



  1. Great start, Eli! Looking forward to seeing your future progress on this project. Lots of detail on this 15mm figure.

  2. What they said. Are you looking to do aliens in heavy spacesuits, too?

  3. Not sure on aliens in space suits. Once you get them in the suits it's hard to show a lot of alien anatomy unless they are really weird ones.


  4. Looking good there. Are they going to come armed just walking about? Just thinking would be good for some civilians/workers in environment suits as well.

    1. The current plan is to make the figure unarmed. Right now it is just the one. Other will likely be other sorts of suits.



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