Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Sculpts Painted! (Not By Me)

One of the coolest things about sculpting is getting to see your work in production. What's even cooler though is seeing that other people are using and enjoying your creations. The picture above features the painting work of a talented gent who goes by Blackstone over at the Starport Crash blog. Of the seven aliens, three were sculpted by me - Fragalian (1), Horansi (4) and Vergan (5). He did an amazing job on what I consider my very humble sculpts and manages to make them look right at home alongside other more skillfully rendered miniatures.

Not only is it a treat to see these figures painted, but I also love seeing how he interpreted the aliens. When I sculpted each of them, I had a vision in my mind, at least to some extent, of how they would look. Blackstone managed to surprise me on the Horansi. This particular alien was given a very odd, hodge-podge of features - triple tentacles for feet, long fingered arms, a fussy or porous neck, and a cobra-like hood. Facial features were a bit vague with only eyes for any obvious facial features. I did this on purpose to make the alien seem even more so.

Where Blackstone surprised me on the Horansi was in painting the pointy front of the hood as a beak, something i hadn't conceived of. Having seen it this way, I cannot imagine it any other way. That and his brightly colored skin and chest ruff have put a new spin on this alien for me. I'll likely end up using the beak idea when I paint mine.

Below is a picture showing how the painter for, the manufacturer of my sculpts, interpreted the aliens.


  1. Definitely dig Blackstone's interpretation over the 2nd example.. and no need to be so humble IMHO - yours look as good or better than the others alongside them! Very cool Eli and thanks for sharing.

  2. Yup, Blackstone really brings your sculpts to life. Don't diss yourself though, those really are very nice sculpts.

  3. The best thing about Blackstone's work is that you can see the detail on the figures much batter than in other photos. Congrats all round!

  4. Fantastic paint jobs! Not bad sculpts either ;)

  5. Thanks to all.

    What is that they say about artists?

    Seriously, though, Blackstone's paint adds so much to those designs. I really dig 'em.

  6. Oh, pish-posh! The Horansi is one of my favorite stand-alone alien figures I own. (even if I've not painted it yet)

  7. These look drop-dead gorgeous. It has to be really cool seeing something of your own creation come around and be fully realized like this. Congrats.


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