Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Haunting We Will Go - D30 Haunted House Effects

I hope you're not afraid of the dark

In the last post I offered up a random chart for characterizing those odd abodes that you find in the world. This post is more along the lines of traditional hauntings and ghostly apparitions one might encounter in a haunted house. Some are minor atmospheric effects while others might constitute an encounter, hazard, or trap of some sort. Still others might be couple with an encounter to complicate matters for the characters unfortunate enough to find themselves in the house.
  1. Disembodied whispers.
  2. The giggling of small children fluttering through the air
  3. Recitation of a poem, nursery rhyme or song emanating from beyond.
  4. A sudden shuddering quake withing the floor and walls around you.
  5. A phantom procession playing out some event.
  6. Your path is crossed by a phantasm of a person.
  7. A toy comes to life.
  8. A toy or other personal item appears where it had not been before.
  9. Paintings, tapestries, photos etc come to life, animating the events they portray in haunting or horrifying ways.
  10. The rattling of chains.
  11. The squeaking of a door or gate.
  12. Lights dim and/or flicker.
  13. Sudden drop in temperature to a bone-biting chill.
  14. Phantom writing on the walls.
  15. Blood, slime, mold, or some other disgusting stuff seeps from walls and/or ceilings.
  16. Doors or windows disappear.
  17. Door or windows appear where there were none before.
  18. Sudden vertigo.
  19. Hallways seems to lengthen on their own making it impossible to reach their end.
  20. The sounds of something horrible coming toward you through the house.
  21. Floors warp and wobble, making footing difficult.
  22. A swarm of some sort of vermin spews forth from a door, cupboard, or out of the very floors and walls.
  23. Body parts appear from the walls, floors, and/or ceiling with appropriate hazards (hands grab, mouths bite, eyes see).
  24. Items attack.
  25. A sucking wind pulls you toward a door or other opening.
  26. A blowing wind forces against you, making movement difficult.
  27. An item possesses you with the memories of its former owner.
  28. A sudden, uncontrollable dread washes over you associated with some place or item in the house.
  29. Food, flowers, or other perishables spoil and putrefy before your eyes.
  30. Roll twice.
This is just what I was able to fit into a D30 table and is by no means intended to be an exhaustive

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