Friday, October 14, 2011

Creepy Cavern Inspiration

Sometimes all it takes to spark and adventure idea is a couple of cool pictures. While looking at pictures of caves and caverns, I came across the first picture to the right and couldn't help but think that it made a great spooky, but disturbingly unassuming entrance to something greater and more wicked below.

Looking further through the pictures I found the second image and got to thinking, "what if that not just a trick of lighting, but the natural color of that cavern?" With it's hanging stalactites, the red stone would look like dripping blood, a fitting place for a blood cult, a vampire, or even a pack of ghouls.

What sorts of adventures will you find there?



  1. Thanks for finding this; it is spectacular. Consider it Yoinked....

    Of course, with my current backlog of projects, it'll be 2070 before I'm actually doing anything with it.

  2. I swear I see a troll face in that first picture.

  3. We came finally to the mouth of the foul sorcerer’s lair. A rocky outcrop loomed up out of a rise at the edge of the tree line, forming a natural boundary to the eastern edge of the wood. It was late in the afternoon and the elevation afforded us a measure of sunlight on our backs, but no comfort. The light took on a sickly yellow hue as it hit the rock, all of its vitality utterly drained. One of our number shifted making a dry rustle in the leaf litter carpet below our feet, momentarily breaking the sullen silence that had descended on our small party. No one spoke. Halfway down the face an uneven ledge curved down, and then up again, below this were four cave mouths, one on each side of an old collapsed and partially blocked entrance about ten feet up, and at ground level the cave mouth proper looking like a sneering upturned mouth. The rock was formed of limestone shot through with sprays and stripes of grey shale giving it the look of sallow, diseased skin. As I stood transfixed by this terrible sight, the visage of a malevolent mummified face coalesced, it’s gaping maw repellent yet utterly fascinating at the same time. We pressed on.


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