Tuesday, October 11, 2011

15mm Science Fiction Terrain Junk Builds

Like a lot of miniatures gamers, I spend a lot of time collecting this and that with the intention that "I'll do something with this someday". Also, like a lot of miniatures gamers, someday has a tendency to never quite come around. So, I decided to fix this.

I pulled out a bunch of bits and pieces of this and that and started cobbling together some science fiction terrain with a mind toward flexibility and modularity. In truth I've been tinkering with this stuff for a bit now, but only a little at a time. I've picked up  few bits at the hobby store to add specific details but for the most part it's all junk or re-purposed store bought items like electrical junction boxes. (click on pics for bigger images)

Board game board, bits and bobs. GZG add-on bits thrown in for specific details.

A little base color brings it all together.

Large roll-up door and front entrance

Late addition of a double back door to the work yard

Oatmeal container + take home pie container + teriyaki bowl = tower

GZG large satellite dish on rattle can lid = comm/sat. Can be used alone or placed on top of another building.

Electrical junction box using GZG glue-on door, some textured plasticard, plastic canvas and plastruct stairs.


  1. Nice looking junk Bro.
    It is fun to make these buildings with everything in the mix.

  2. Incredibly clever modeling. This is excellent.

  3. When I used to play 40k, this is exactly how I did it. I used to look at just about every bit of plastic refuse upside-down... "Could this be a building?"

    One particularly fun piece I found was the McDonalds drink carrier. You flip it over and it looks like a series of four connected bunkers. Check it out --


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