Friday, September 16, 2011

A Few New Hobby Supplies

28mm barbarian slinger for scale
Was out and about with the wife today grabbing a bite together and doing a little bit of shopping when I found a few useful bits here and there.

First thing was found at the local Cash & Carry and has much potential for terrain building. Bought in bags of 100, these are dense wood sticks intended for use in candy apples. They are just about perfect for turning into palisades. Tapered on one end to a dull point, they can be used right out of the bag for simple projects or you could distress them for more realism. You could also cut off the pointed ends and use them for log construction.

The other find was a bag of various brass offcuts and end pieces of various diameters and lengths. These are sold in the modelling supply section of my local model/RC shop Galaxy Hobby as "Special Shapes". These are going to be useful in terrain building and sculpting.
I am looking forward to cracking these open and seeing what I can do with them.


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  1. I've made great use of some barbeque skewers, which are similar, but about 40 cm long. Those are also great for stirring paint or mold silicone.

    And good call about the brass tubes, that kind of stuff would indeed be handy almost in every project. Reminds me of the time I hunted high and low for a thimble to be used as a basis for a church bell...


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