Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amazing Tomes!

So my buddy Chuck had taken the dive into craft commerce. In addition to being a great friend, fellow gamer, and all around good guy, he's also a talented book binder and makes custom, leather bound, journal-sized books. He's recently started up a blog, called Portobello Road,  to chronicle his efforts to make a business out of his craft.

[Power+Book+I.jpg]I cannot say enough just how lovely his books are. All the work is done by hand, including the graphics on the covers. The papers are imported from abroad where they are also made by hand. Check him out and drop him a line if you are interested in seeing more or perhaps contracting a tome of your own. Perhaps you need a snazzy campaign journal or a spell book for your LARP. Maybe you need a prop for your latest campaign? I'm sure Chuck can make it happen.

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