Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review of Khurasan Miniatures Exterminators

Picture from Khurasan Miniatures website.
I received my order of Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Federal Exterminators and they are everything I hoped they would be.

The miniatures live up to the usual Khurasan standards and I'd say they are at the upper end of that. Clean casts, minimal flash if any and tons of character. The figures look like they will paint up quite easily. Each figure has not just what you'd expect - armor, gun, helmet - but they also have little tidbits. Each has a headset cam/comm unit and shoulder lights. Their guns, though not an exact replica of their movie inspiration, are close enough to evoke the same love.

The poses are all good in my opinion combining a nice combination of combat ready and patrol poses. There are a few models that stand out from the rest of the grunts and they each show off the attention to detail here. The motion tracker has his rifle at the ready as he takes a reading. The flamer advances ready to roast the enemy but he has not been left ill-equipped and still carries and assault rifle over his back. The man squad includes two SAWs one of which is a character model of sorts, sporting a pony tail and a few extra curves (no mistaking her for a man). The sergeant in the squad is not depicted in the old style heroic pose and instead appears to be trying to keep his teem "frosty" as he looks forward, but motions to his rear.

A few notes on the possibilities in this pack. The two SAWs look like they would easily be converted into other types of heavy weapons with a little cutting or add-ons. The kneeling figure could be converted to a sharpshooter/sniper with a barrel extension, maybe some green stuff. A bit of rod or tube could transform the shoulder-firing trooper into a missile launcher trooper.

I am sure they will sell well enough for an expansion to the line but even if they don't, I don't think people will be sunk if they don't mind a little modelling fun.



  1. Color me jealous. I'm not doing anything in 15mm sci-fi right now but these are still on my "must get" list.


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