Friday, July 8, 2011

New Boxed Set Finds

So, some friends of mine (husband and wife) sport some amazing thrift store skills and found me three complete boxed set gaming products at the local Goodwill. I should also take a moment to thank them again and comment that this is pretty normal for them. Like I said, super powered thrifters.

The Rune Quest game is pretty much brand new inside, even though the box shows some wear. The rule books are clean, unmarked and complete. Even the character sheets are still intact. Not sure if the original box came with dice, but this one didn't have any in it.

The Torg game is absolutely brand new. The books, the box, even the cards that came with the game are all in perfect condition. Heck, the cards aren't even unwrapped yet.

The Demons II set is one of several that Role Aids put out before they went poof. I recall this series having some of then nastiest demonic creatures I've seen in AD&D many of them drawing from classical themes and concepts of Hell. This boxed set is less about individual demons and denizens and builds up the setting for a demon-themed game. Once again, the box and its contents are in perfect condition.

I am lucky to have friends who know what I like and take the time to check in when they find something.

Thanks again you two!



  1. Wow! Nice finds! Especially the Rune Quest box. Last month I picked up a 2nd Ed. Dragonlance box at a thrift store.

  2. Cool! Love Thrift Store finds! Congrats!

  3. I'll echo all the nice find sentiments, well done indeed.

  4. I am tempted to give Rune Quest a play. I have played the system but not in the Rune Quest setting. When I played it was in the Elfquest setting, also a Chaosium game.


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