Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking for Transport?

   Hello friends. We're all looking for new and better ways to transport our little toy soldiers, right? Well, a couple of years ago, my lovely wife bought me an awesome aluminum case and some trays with magnetic lining in the bottoms from Dave's Baggage Train. Only problem is that the case is too big for current carryon size requirements. Having just flown with figures, I know how frustrating that is.

   So I looked around, and found this: Jemco USA. They happen to be right here in my hometown, too. Weird, that. They sell jewelry supplies, and amongst those things are trays identical to mine, and some other carrying cases.

   Besides transport stuff, they also have mold making equipment, casting equipment, and tools of various sorts that might be handy for you to take a look at.

   For the record, I have no financial stake in the company whatsoever. Just thought it might be a handy thing to know about. You can get foam inserts or magnetic sheeting already cut to order from Dave's Baggage train, or you can get the magnetic sheeting from a local sign shop, which is probably going to be less expensive.


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