Friday, May 20, 2011

More Primaeval Designs

Hey folks,

Being a fan of Primaeval Designs miniatures, I thought I'd do a quick post to show off some moreo f their work and give a nice congrats to the team there.

First little tidbit is that they have been mentioned in the pages of the grea paleo mag Prehistoric Times, a great magazine for fans of prehistoric beasts scienticifc and otherwise.

In other news they have been picked up and are now being stocked by a Japanese company called Terraincognita Miniatures that specializes in high end collectible miniatures. Below are a few pics off their Facebook gallery. You don't see a lot of American hobby stuff make it to Japan, so I thought this was particularly cool.

28mm Feathered Gallimimus

28mm Spinosaurus
28mm Paraceratherium



  1. Great looking stuff, thanks for the heads-up! The spinosaurus especially would make an excellent sci-fi monster; it is great-looking miniature, and it's not burdened with as much media exposure as the T-rexes and allosauruses (allosauri?) are.

  2. Those big guys look great! Nice to see some lesser knowns getting attention.


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