Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Hours and Two Pizza Boxes

A couple of years back I was faced with the task of trying to cobble up a serviceable town to fight a FOW of game in. Not having a ton of supplies on hand, but not wanting to disappoint, I grabbed my hot glue gun and a couple of handy pizza boxes and in a flurry of cutting and sticking, came up with this, Kardograd.

It's not the prettiest or most precise construction and really was intended to get terrain on the table in a short amount of time, but I really do think it's time to try and dress it up and finish it a bit, even if that just means throwing on some paint and some rubble.

What makes this project, as old as it is, still stick out for me is the speed and overall effectiveness of the initial build. I found that regular cardboard pizza boxes are nearly perfect for designing terrain for 15-20mm figures. The side parts of the boxes are about one story high and if you pre-measure the larger flat parts, you can easily estimate and eyeball the rest. It took me two hours from beginning to end on everything you see in the picture above. I could have continued on to do more, but I didn't want to build more than I could store.

The pictures above shows how simple the multi-level construction throws together. The hot glue made attaching the walls and floors super easy and fast. No waiting for drying or complicated pinning or framing. The glue holds tight and strong and repairs easily. Any leftover globs will be worked into the rubble and general clutter of the terrain. Where walls needed extra bracing at the base, I put in stacked cuts of card that will eventually be covered with rubble build-up.

Kardograd is quick and dirty terrain building at it's best, if you ask me.

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  1. Aside from the awesome coolness of the DIY approach, I have to say that if I were playing in that game, my "pew pew pew" sounds would be replaced by "pizza! pizza!" sounds! I say that only because I eat enough Little Sneezers that parts of the box looks like the area from the dude's face. Maybe I do eat too much pizza.. ;D

  2. Oh yeah, nice work! Now I'm thinking about what could be done with some (properly rinsed out) chinese take out containers.


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