Sunday, April 3, 2011

GameStorm 13 - Saturday & Sunday
Two Days That Blur Together

The critical fail that was my plan for GameStorm continued into Saturday where, once again, I managed to missed every game and panel I was scheduled for, except for a demo of AE Bounty. I'm not even really sure what all I played on Saturday, to be honest. I know I played games, but their names escape me.

Sunday we had our usual inter-gaming group big good bye game. The last few years have been an entertaining game of Junta complete with over-acting and cheesy accents. This year was an intense game of Battlestar Galactica. The game came down to a single die roll that either won or lost the game for us.

With two exposed cylons on the table working openly against our colonial plans we had been ground into dust. All our resource counters were at rock bottom. Any civilian ship token that got destroyed would have lost us the game. Even if we succeeded in the jump roll, we might lose population and thus the game.

Fortunately, the Lords of Cobal were with us and we made the jump successfully and won the game for the ragtag fugitive fleet.

Take that toasters!

Adventures in the Sudan - I made it to the table, but too late. They had already started and I didn't want to make them have to shuffle to fit me in.

Horror 101 - This would have been a fun panel.

AE Bounty :demos and standard crew games / day 3 Table 1 - I made it to this demo. It was quick and I have to say that I rather enjoyed the game. I whipped up a quick two-man crew and took on another one. I won, but I think it was a case of "Let The Wookie Win". I think the system has potential and the fact that it has been used for two different genres means it likely flexes well. I even got a prize blister for trying the demo!

Asteroyds - Rio Grande Demo, session 2 - Missed this but one of the guys in my group who was in an earlier demo said I didn't miss anything.

Danger Patrol (beta) - Neptunian Eaters of Time! - Crap! I wanted to try Danger Patrol!

Savage Worlds: Mars: Locust Men of Barsoom - This sounded soooo fun and I completely forgot about it.

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  1. Played the Pegasus Expansion last week for the first time. The escape from New Caprica added great tension at the end, also another 40 minutes of game play!


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