Monday, February 21, 2011

Sculpting - The Work Continues.

Hey folks!

I know I have been talking a lot about my sculpting, but I have to admit, it's taking up most of my hobby time and energy lately. Of course, if I'm going to get any better, it will have to. The cool thing is that it gives me things to show and share that I really put work into. So, here are some more.

The guys to the right are part of my own personal project that tries to bring civilian figures for use in 15mm scifi. Here we have a bounty hunter sort and a sort of hooded figure suitable for a noble or monk.

This next guy is a finished figure from an early batch. I wanted to experiment with motion and make a heavier sort of alien. He is also unarmed but it would be no great task to give him a pistol or sword.

This last guy is going to be a sort of tough guy. The sort who's friends start conversations, "He doesn't like you..."

Well, that's it for today. More soon...



  1. Cool stuff man!
    I just started doing some sculpting myself this last week.

    Mine are a lot bigger though... I dunno if I could do them at 15mm.

  2. Great stuff Eli, thanks for sharing! I think I like #2 here the most of this group.

  3. Oh man, Im having an "interesting" enough time on a DP sized sculpt, I think 15mm would cause a breakdown :)

  4. Brilliant stuff Eli


  5. I love that little fat guy!
    The skinnie is looking fun too.


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