Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doodle Sculpts

Occasionally, while I am working on other projects, I'll end up with extra, leftover putty that I have no immediate use for. In these situations I try to make use of it rather than wasting it. Now days, I tend to press it between two pieces of cellophane to create a good, smooth flat sheet to cut into bits for building up equipment and gear. Sometimes I want to be more creative, especially when I am on a roll and so I'll do what I call, "doodle sculpting".

This is pretty much the same thing as doodling with pen or pencil. Start with nothing or only a vague idea in mind and push the putty around into something with more form and detail. This is the case with these first two below.

Exotic tropical flower.
Dino, giant lizard or flightless bird nest

There are times where the concept requires a little up front work and is a bit more complex than a doodle. The rune stone below did require that I put a piece of wire, upright out of the rocks at the base. Once this had cured, then I could go to work on the run stone itself.

I have other doodle sculpts laying about and will post them as I get the pictures taken.

Have fun!



  1. I play around with leftovers too, but never on this scale or to this standard! These could be wonderful little base elements or objective markers.

  2. Nice work, I especially like the runestone.

  3. Thanks guys. Objective markers is what I was thinking too.

    I played Rat Trap's .45 Adventure and it makes extensive use of event markers. I always though that little based accent pieces like these would be a heck of a lot nicer on the table than just tokens.

    I haven't played that game in a while now, but many other games have similar features.

  4. Nice work, especially the nest, really nice.


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