Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inspiration - Blue Moon Manufacturing's New Indian Storming Party

Saw the announcement of a new release from Blue Moon Manufacturing today on TMP and couldn't help myself. Though the release 15LOM132 Indian Storming Party is for French Indian War use, I couldn't help but see them as wild martians assaulting a settlement on The Red Planet.

In 15mm it wouldn't take much, if any conversion to make these work as martians. The heads have minimal hair and clothing, making any conversion lightweight with just a little green stuff. As most settlements on Mars are likely to be made of earth and stone, the torchbearers might need a weapon conversion. Maybe a pistol in place of the torch or perhaps replace the torch with a sword and convert the arm wielding the club by laying over a shield.

Another use would be for Savage Land/Skull Islanders. For these you use them stock though it might be fun to convert the ladders and ram to look like it was made more from bone instead of wood.

Looking over the rest of Blue Moon's FIW line, the other Indian packs would also work to make a cool force of 15mm Martians. Trade some war clubs for swords and keep the muskets. Maybe change some hair styles and mask the Indian garb a little hear and there (I don't think it's needed) and you are good to go with some nice crisp new minis.

Looks like good stuff here.



  1. They look cool! I would consider using them as Hyborian Picts, but I've heard Blue Moon minis tend to be bigger than 15mm.

  2. I have found that most scale creep diappears from the tabletop general's POV. When I have minis of slightly different scaling, I tend to keep them in units of their own and this helps too.

  3. Regarding the torches, don't forget that many roofing materials will burn rather nicely when open flame is applied to them. Thatch springs to mind. And gates are often made of wood.

    Crops ready for harvest can be damaged by a suitable application of torches as well. If the objective is to drive out the Wetworlder scum, you could do worse than by destroying his food.

  4. Good point J.

    I figured that European construction would be limited on Mars as Martian construction in, wood being scarce as well as thatching materials.

  5. Nice find Eli! You could use these guys to play WTNW or some other system very easily. in WTNW: Conflict on Mars and in ERB's Barsoom these guys would work well as Red Martians with maybe only some slight mods.


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