Friday, January 21, 2011

Holiday Treats Turned Handy Storage

Every year my wife bakes the crap out of the holidays filling the house with yummy treats and many interest packing containers. A couple of years ago, she began bringing home this odd snack mix that is like a Holiday Chex Mix full of chocolate chips, chunks of graham, marshmallows and sweetened rice serial. The snacks are mediocre at best tasting like hand-fulls of ultra-sweet, dry s'mores. She makes better use of them as cookie filler.
Anyhow, they packed in sealed plastic and then inside of tins with a plastic window in them. I've been collecting the tins and using them for storage of hobby supplies.  They are perfect for storing clump foliage, sand, flocking and such in a way that allows you to see what color or mix you have in there without having to open it up. For better restocking and keeping track of what I use in projects, I started cutting the labels off of the original packaging and taping them to the tops.

So far this has worked pretty well. I use a number of food and snack packaging for hobby/craft stuff. Gum containers with flip top lids, cat treat containers, seasoning shakers, even tubs for face cream and such can make really handy ways to store stuff without having to have a bunch of loose bags laying about.

Another nice thing about using product packaging is that it usually designed to be stacked and so should store nicely on shelving.

Take a look next time it comes time to toss stuff out, you might just find the perfect hobby storage bit.

Take care!



  1. You're not alone - I have here a Whitman's chocolate sampler box for minis storage conversion and someone else's cast away iPad box maybe for my LBB's. Apple makes some nice reusable packaging.

  2. Nice idea - good bit of recycling - just don't get them confused when you get the munchies..... :-)


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