Friday, September 24, 2010

Useful Figures From Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9, makers of Heavy Gear and Gear Krieg among others released some figures that might be useful for 15mm scifi or VSF gaming. Their new Sandriderr Infantry and Barnaby and Sandrider packs adepict some sort of science fiction desert soldiers on foot and mounted on big lizards. Now, I realize that DP9 has gone with a bit of a rogue scale for gaming 10mm (1/144), but in scifi you can forgive a lot of scale issues when it comes to aliens. The way I see it, you could use these figures to represent some sort of Jawa-esque race for a game. 

There are a few things that bug me about these figures, but may not bother others. First off, the limited number of poses. There is only one rider option in the mounted set, meaning that you will end up with three identical models without conversion. Also there are only three poses for the infantry for all 40 figures in the set and one of them is the same pose as the riders, just on foot.

The other thing is a constant gripe of mine about the DP9 stuff - Price. Price is a subjective thing though and so I won't spend too much time on the topic. If I do pick some of these up, it will be when I can get a good deal on them.


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  1. Obviously, the rigors of life in the Martian Desert Outback has caused them to evolve into smaller, less resource intensive creatures. Saves on water and food demand, you know.

    Nice figs, though.


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