Friday, September 17, 2010

Gaming Models Samples Received

Back Row: Old Glory 15mm Wespe, Gaming Models T-35, Gear Krieg Loki, Gaming Models T-28, Old Battlefront Brumbar
Front: Converted Peter Pig WW2 Dutch LMG, True North Dutch Tankettes

This post is a bit overdue considering I received these models well over a week or more ago. I had been chatting with Craig over at Gaming Models about a particular turret variant of the T-28 which he did not currently have in his inventory just yet. When he had finished this variant, Craig was kind enough to offer me a sample at no charge. I accepted but boy did I get more than I bargained for.

Not only did Craig send me the T-28 but he also sent me a T-35 as well. In addition, he also included all the current main turret variants for both tanks. An amazing bounty for a free sample. The tanks and all their turrets were packed neatly into a foam tray, custom cut to fit the vehicles and shipped in a Priority Mail box. But I'm sure you are more interested in hearing about the tanks.

The pictures below I think give a good idea of the overall effect of the Gaming Models tanks. It's important to keep in mind that these tanks are not intended to compete with the other manufacturers out there. Craig makes no pretense of these being 100% accurate scale model creations. What he does deliver is a ready to play out of the box sort of miniatures game piece. The vehicle is going to look like what it is supposed to and do a good job of it. The scaling is good and at table distance, I hardly miss some of the more fiddly details. I'll likely paint mine, but until then, they won't stick out like sore thumbs on the tabl

Those who find themselves paying too much attention may notice a few gaps in the resin here and there and I did notice that some of the rivets on the siding of the T-35 hadn't filled in all the way. My T-28 was a but tapered from front to back causing the rear to but slightly narrower than the front, but Craig says he's fixed this. The T-35 does seem to bow out just slightly in the middle but it's hardly noticible and went undetected until I photographed it.


Really, when it comes down to it, I like these figures. I've never been overly anal about the details in my tank models and quite frankly, I often find myself doing away with some of the more fiddly bits on my models for the sake of ease and/or survivability on the table. Gaming Models produces some good, solid miniatures that you can take from box to table with ease and without breaking the bank. You are not going to find a cheaper T-35 or T-28 in 15mm than the $4 that Craig charges. His range is growing and included several rarely seen vehicles.

Check them out!



  1. Thanks for the link, those are simply fabulous. I can recognize those tanks on sight, but don't know the designs well enough to even know what I am missing in terms of 'lack' of detail. Marvelous!

  2. Very cool! I'd use these guys with my VSF and maybe some Russian WWII but in all honesty I think they look marvelous for WTNW :) hehe.

  3. Maybe a light cruiser variant of a landship capital unit?

  4. Funny, that's exactly what I thought of when I saw the T-35. Or maybe as some sort of pseudo-cybertank for OGRE/GEV


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