Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Will Not Be Denied!

Crappy camera phone pic of my makeshift paintbrush

After so long not having the energy or motivation to work on gaming stuff, I found myself energized to work on a terrain project (more on that another time). I had prepped a bunhc of stuff last night and then decided I would take it with me to work on Sunday as things are usually slow then. So, I got into work, materials all ready and a slow day ahead of me only to discover that I had forgotten my paintbrushes. What was I to do?

I wasn't going to let a perfectly good slow day at work slide by with my ready project mocking me from its plastic craft carrying case. Something had to be done.

Grabbing one of the sticks from the project and some of the twine that was binding them, I set to work making my own paint brush. I took a mouth full of cola and began to chew the twine, softening it and then spent a bit of time using my thumb nail to straighten the now supple fibers. I split one end of the stick and slipped one end of the fibers into the crack with the long end fanned out. Around this I wrapped a few hastily torn strips of office paper and then applied to super glue to bind it all together solid. I then trimmed the length of the bristles to a uniform length appropriate for a brush to be used for stippling and dry-brushing.

I was ready. The brush held up well, though it did have a tendnacy to gum up. A little rinse, some scraping, maybe a bit more chewing at times and I was able to get my makeshift paintbrush to last through a good 75% of the work I had to do that day.

I must say that I was probably more proud of myself than I had any business being, but it was a kick.

Take care!



  1. Man the tool maker! Good on ya, Eli!

  2. Ya, I have to admit to being pretty pleased with myself over this, probably moreso than I should be.

  3. I've never been so proud to be a member of a tool-using species...

  4. Were there's a will there's a way, and duct tape.


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