Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am Back and I Didn't Get Eaten

The ranger said there was one of these in the area and though we didn't see it we sure as heck would have deserved it. Due to a bit of late night drinking and laziness we managed to leave out an entire pot of beans and a pot full of Guiness-boiled sausages sitting out as well as numerous snack foods.

In a way I am a bit disappointed by what all of that means. The fact that nothing bothered to go after the beans and brauts means that either we are good at scaring away animals or that there is nothing in the woods to get into our stuff. About the only animal life we encountered were ground squirrels, jays, the haunting call of an owl, some distant coyotes and a bunch of mice that seemed to want to get into everything, including one that drown in our dish pot over night.

The mice were almost comic relief as they invaded tents and even in one case chewing on somebody's shoe laces while she stood there oblivious. We even saw a few in the road. I figure the warm winter allowed a larger than normal number of them survive.

Anyhow, I'll post more about the trip when I have more pics.

Take care,



  1. I guess you guys are smarter than the average bear, then?


    The mouse story cracked my wife up!

  2. I'm intrigued by the "Guiness-boiled sausages", more detail please, they sound "interesting"...

  3. @Steve: Never had beer-steamed sausages? Man, you're deprived.

    @Eli: What about all those bugs you were whinging about the other day? And is it really 'camping' if you have a cell signal there? :D

    Seriously, glad to hear you got home and everyone is well and had fun. Maybe combining beans and large quantities of alcohol created a bear-repelling fog around camp, if you get my drift...

  4. @J - Cel signal was only available 20 miles from camp. I was texting while I was waiting for a late comer from out of the area to lead them up to camp.

    And the bugs were horrible this year. With the heat and the low river levels there was a lot of standing and slow water around for breeding new bugs.

    The beans were slow-cooked and that takes all the after-effects of the beans. That and making sure you get as much water out of them before cooking as possible.

    @Steve - I'll have to post about the saugages. We tend to boil them in Guiness and then give them a quick grilling for added flavor.


  5. welcmoe back and congrats for not being eaten


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