Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hey All,

So life trudges along and I am stiull in the process of getting settled into the new home. Though we have the essentials and some of the luxuries unpacked there is a lot to do before we will be back to having a lived in home. This also means that it has been difficult for me to get any projects started or posted.

Much of my gaming/hobby stuff is still in boxes in the garage and though I know where it is, I do not have a suitable place to store it just yet. My wife and I agreed to try to keep stuff packed until we had the proper storage materials for it so we could avoid cluttering up the place like we had in the apartment. I also have a bit of a draft and moisture issue to try to tackle in the garage before I start to take stuff out of boxes.

I have managed to scrape together a regular Thursday gaming group with my brother and one of the members of my old gaming group. So far, we have done a lot of warm up stuff to try and get the group gelled but we may be playing some superhero RPG stuff soon. My oldest daughter, Anna, has been the real gaming powerhouse around here. Since she hit summer break she has has her cousins around a lot and is obsessed with running them on Labyrinth Lord/D&D games.

So far she has run three or four sessions and I am impressed by her ability to DM on the fly. She has been coming up with some wonderful adventure hooks, encounters, puzzles and traps. Much of it she draws from her own interests outside of gaming, such as the sea serpent hunt that her party was contracted for. This was drawn from her love of dragons and draconic mythical creatures. Her party has found a dragon egg too and is in the process of adventuring to get treasure to build a proper nursery for it. One of her puzzle, obstacle encounters presented the party with a way to get across and underground lake to an island in the middle that involved figuring out the right combination of moving rocks to jump from. Anna is still a bit bossy when she runs games, but her players seem to enjoy it and I'm sure she'll tempor with experience and age.

I hope to be getting back int othe swing of things soon and do have a few projects lined up for the coming weeks/months, but this depends on money and time. I am also having to seriously rethink my hobby budget and how I am using the resources I have available to me. Need to rope in the oo shiny, stop thinking too big for my britches and work on projects that are within my means both monetary and timewise.

You all take care and worry not, the adventuring Emu is not fading away.



  1. Hi Eli! Hope the move went well. It always takes a while to settle in.

  2. Sounds like things are going well if you're able to squeeze in a game or two while moving. We'll be here when you're back up to full power!

  3. The move went fine, though it did put me a bit in debt due to having to break a lease and move faster than I had hoped.

  4. Glad to see you, moving sucks, It will throw your Mojo for a while.


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