Friday, July 16, 2010

Game Space Progress Report

So, It's been about a month and a half since we've moved in and the new place is coming along nicely. Because we do not want to repeat some of the same mistakes we made with our old place we have been allowing ourselves time to unpack from the boxes in the garage which has made progress on the game space a bit slow. Slow as it may be, progress is being made and my wife has made it quite clear that her plans for the garage do not infringe on my use of it as a gaming space.

Here are a couple of  pictures of some of some of the storage on the edges. The garage has a good couple of built-in cabinets where I think I will end up storing materials leaving the shelving for finished terrain and miniatures storage boxes. Just a hint, Costco corn dog boxes and frozen hamburger patty boxes are great for storing terrain.

The picture above shows the space I have to work with. My wife still had her massage table set up (she works on friends and family at home) so you can get a general idea of table to space ratio. Once the clutter of boxes has been removes the side wall will be lined with shelving. The chest freezer and pantry shelves will remain to the right there.



  1. Kind of exciting seeing the shape of things to come!

  2. It's in the early stages and once I get all the storage set up, I'm likely going to tear everything down and reorganize.

  3. Having a dedicated gaming/painting space makes all the difference. When the kids leave home (or I kick em out, whichever comes first) I have first dibs on the spare bedroom! Unfortunately both options are years away... sigh.

  4. You'll probalbly find stuff you didn't know you had.

  5. Let's hope Alcovia doesn't get invaded by Desktopia.

  6. It's Closetania or Laundromatra that I'm more worried about. they have a greater tendency to spill out of their borders.


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