Saturday, May 1, 2010

[X-Plorers] New Races For X-Plorers - Iskabob

Iskabob are a species of artificially engineered beings that possess an unusually high degree of technical prowess. As a race they are natural tinkers, mechanics, builders and technicians. They have little in the way of a society, having originally been conceived of as living tools, but what social structure they have is centered on the team or a work group. Members of a team or work group are regarded as trusted fellows and given nearly complete trust by Iskabob. This can make these diminutive aliens a bit naïve at times.

Physically the Iskabob are squat, standing about 1.5 meters tall with an ovular main body. From this trunk radiate three legs and three arms at equidistant from one another around the body. The central leg and arm are both oriented to what can be considered the default from the of the alien, though this is only a technicality as the anatomy of the Iskabob is semi-fluid with a cartilaginous frame making nearly any orientation of limbs and head possible. The arms of the Iskabob are equipped with two double-jointed elbows and a freely rotating wrist, each terminating in a hand with tow long agile fingers and a centrally mounted thumb. Their feet are short and end in stable, padded pedestal-type feet.

Iskabob are identical to one another in appearance and can only be distinguished by their individual mannerisms and the marks they accumulate throughout their life experiences. Members of the species seem to be able to tell one another apart, but to those who have not spent much time around a particular Iskabob, it can be hard to tell who’s who. All Iskabob have a bright blue skin and dark eyes.

Iskabob can advance only in Scientist and Technician classes.

Attribute Adjustments
Iskabob must take a -2 penalty to PRE and -1 PHY to reflect their inherent lack of personality and their below average physical stature. They receive a +2 INT and +1 AGI bonus reflecting their preternatural gifts for calculation, information retention and the flexibility of their anatomy.

Iskabob are naturally resilient to damage and may add a +1 to their AC to reflect this.


  1. Thank you. This is another creation of myself and Will over at Green Skeleton Gaming Guild.

  2. I don't know much about X-Plorers, but this race sounds kinda cool. I like your artwork style quite a bit to boot.

  3. Thei dea was to make a race with a bit of whimsy that wasn't a straight humanoid this or that.

  4. I always enjoy a lot your artworks!
    thanks for sharing them


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