Sunday, May 9, 2010

Family Picnic

To celebrate my grandfather's birthday and the collective Mother's Days of all the moms who attended my family got together on Saturday and I thought I'd share a few pics of the clan. Many more were in attendance, but I wasn't in control of the camera, so my apologies if I didn't have a good picture of you!

Gramps, in his mid eighties. The man taught me to swim and has always been a larger than life character to me. Heck, the man beat Polio!

Kids and their Cousins
Top row: Emmy, Bug, Johnathan (my niece and nephews)
Bottom: Anna (oldest daughter), Elijah (nephew and not named after me), and Nim (my youngest).

Aunt Chris. She's always been a favorite and incredibly smart and talented. She's a retired RN and makes her own porcelain dolls.

My lil' bro Gabe


  1. Nice, looks like you guys had a great afternoon.

  2. Had a blast for the most part. It's family, so there's always some friction some place. I caught a lot of flak for being so scarce.


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