Thursday, April 8, 2010

A pack rat? Me?

Look what I just dug out of my bookshelf. Yep, that's right... vintage 1982 Star Frontiers. The box is long gone, and the counters too. But I have the maps, the intro adventure, and the original dice, too.

So I have held onto this for 28 years, through college, about a dozen moves, and... I knew right where they were. Compulsive much?

Shower me with envy, mortals! Mua ha ha ha!


  1. And now I can officially hate you :)

    Not only do you have your original box, but it is the original original. Next to nothing has stayed with me that long.

    Good job!

  2. I still have my original Boot Hill Box

  3. Well, the box itself is long gone.

    I had Boot Hill for years. It may still be in a box around the house somewhere.

    I'm looking for a copy of the old D&D Basic rules to play with the boys. I am getting into this OSR thing... almost like Thoreau (who I actually hated to read) or something: simplify, simplify...

  4. J,

    If I might go with a recommendation, try going with Labyrinth Lord. It's written in the same style as the D&D boxed set stuff but is a currently published and readily available alternative. They even have it free for sownload at Goblinoid Games' site. It's the no art edition, but it'll get you started, though I do recommend the published version as it is nice and cool.

  5. I think mine must be in my old closet in my parents' house, along with MY copy of Boot Hill, the original Car Wars box, etc... Assuming they didn't get thrown away...

  6. I have parts of my Car Wars pocket boxes still, too. All three (Car Wars, Sunday Drivers and Truck Stop).

    We ahve thought about making Car Wars a comeback in the house too.


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