Thursday, April 1, 2010

[Labyrinth Lord] New Monster - Dire Flumph

Dire Flumph
No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: -2 top, 5 underside
Hit Dice: 6
Attack: 1
Damage: 1d10 + 1-6 acid or acid spray
Save:  F8
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: IV
XP: 650

It was only a matter of time before some twist of magic, fate, or cosmic justice twisted this passive, misunderstood creature into a monstrous perversion of itself. To date, there has only been one appearance of such a creature and nobody knows who or what spawned it but where it goes there is much suffering.

The dire flumph appears much like its natural brethren but with the addition of a more extreme appearance including barbs and boney knobs on its main body and a gnarled undulating tendrils that lack the smooth, harmless appearance of a natural flumph. The mouth of the dire flumph is more monstrous and moved more to the front of the body making it more able to devour and bite.

In melee combat this creature strikes with wicked hooked tentacles or its toothy maw all of which secrete a burning acid. The dire flumph also strikes at range by ejecting a gout of sticky acidic goo that splatters its target and adheres, making sure to continue burning at a rate of 1d6 damage per turn.


  1. ...The dire flumph also enjoys watching The View and casting dice in back alleys hoping to lure unsuspecting gnomish wives away from their men so they might start a gnomish prostitution ring.

  2. Awesome! Do I want to know which orifice the ranged attack comes out of?

  3. Thanks guys. I had to come up with something for April Fools and since I'd been playing Labyrinth Lord, my brain went there.

  4. I'd hate to land on THAT in a dungeon!


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