Saturday, April 3, 2010

"I'm Not Fighting Them! You do it!"

Ah, the words of neophite gamers.

This week, with the girls out of school for Spring Break, I have been able to get in two sessions of Labyrinth Lord. Continuing the introductory dungeon crawl we started a month ago, they have now started to explore the lost tomb they had been seeking. This is a loose, off-the-cuff affair and so I have the advantage of altering things as I go, but haven't really had to yet.

The last session really saw the girls (6 and 10) really getting how things went. I've finally managed to get my youngest to stop trying to tell her own story in the middle of the game and for the oldest to start thinking about the setting and what I'm describing. She had been playing in a very passive way. Jenn, my wife, has been playing with us as the party's cleric and doing a fine job of prompting but not taking over.

I think one of the high points of the session was hwn Anna, my oldest, figured out a trap that my wife was about to blunder into. She figured out that the four stone monster faces in the dome circular room with the glowing gem eyes and the soot stained hole in the center of the ceiling must mean a fire trap of some sort and she took to drawing out a diagram of the room to show where she figured (accurately), they could move and minimize their vulnerability to the fire.

A funny point came later when the party triggered another trap/encounter by trying to loot seemingly unprotected reliquary boxes. One of the boxes was trapped and caused all the boxes to sink into their platforms while the eight pillars in the room rotated to reveal what appeared to be savage, mummified, carnivorous apes (using zombie stats). At first the initial shock of suddenly finding themselves surrounded by undead guardians was overwhelming to my daughters who were heard to remark at one point, "I'm not fighting! You do it." I can't recall exactly which of them said and to whom, but it was funny. They did end up defeating them by dividing the number of attackers active at once through the cleric turning half the creatures. They beat the four that weren't turned and then regrouped to finish off the rest.

It was great fun and though they wanted to keep going it was late. We now have a regular biweekly game night planned with the possibility for pick-up games here and there. Looks like I've got my own little in-house gaming group.

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  1. That is awesome Eli! Sounds like great fun! Bringing up the next generation of gamers!
    Love the quote,"I'm Not Fighting Them! You do it!" Great stuff!

  2. Yeah, I figure if my girls grow up to be gamers, then they will date gamer guys and I can bribe their boyfriends to behave themselves by either threatening their favorite characters with certain death or bonus X.P.

    "Be home by 10 and I'll give your character a Cloak of Elvenkind"

  3. "Be home by 10 or the horrible death your character will suffer will pale in comparison to what I will actually do to you."

    Sounds like fun, Eli. My boys are on-again-off-again roleplayers, but the wife is just not into it. But at 14 and 11, we may try again - they may be able to plan for themselves a little better now.

  4. I was really quite thrilled when Anna figured out the fire trap and got to "I told you so" her mom.

  5. Wow sounds like so much fun. I can't wait until my oldest is actually able to play. For now she is content on rolling dice and saying "you get them daddy!"


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