Thursday, March 25, 2010

While the Cat's Away...

...the mice will play! Squeeeek!

Hey folks, just wanted to drop a very public line to Eli to thank him for running such a great blog. And to tell him not to worry... I'll keep an eye on things around here while he's off at GameStorm. [Insert big, innocent looking grin here]

Oh, I also wanted to tout my new blog, which is being made at Eli's advice and prompting, where I try to collect the various threads of my gaming life into one place. Be warned: it could get messy. You can find it at The Scattergun Gamer. So named because of my semi-ADD approach to gaming and the stream of consciousness method by which I manage to add to my already enormous gaming project list.

If the old adage about gamers never dying until they run out of lead to paint is true... well, I am safe enough for a while. You could probably safely picnic at Chernobyl if you wrapped yourself in my lead mountain first.

Later! And remember... where did the cheese go? Squeek.


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