Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shut Up And Roll Dice

Those of you who are familiar with OSR likely already know about the recent rumpus. If you don't it's all  a bunch of this and that over what version of old school is the right version of old school and what is or isn't good for the OSR movement and yadda yadda. Not the most profound of word choice, I know, but that's about as much sense as it makes.

Since when did we become a bunch of bickering, elitist snobs? I mean, it's no mystery that some gamers have a tendancy to be opinionated and aloof at times but this is really going a bit far. If you are one of the folks I email with off the blogs, you've heard me say this already, but the OSR stuff is just about getting to the point where it mirrors the Reformation with everyone one arguing over which set of rules are the "one true box" or whatever and completely forgetting that when it comes down to it, they are all part of a greater collective hobby that are all in it for the same reasons.

So, I won't go into it anymore with any long personal views on what makes for good OSR or gaming in general and end this post with a few simple statements...

Shut up and roll dice.

There are no d100 virgins waiting in gamer heaven with Gary Gygax so stop flaming and net-bombing everyone or martyring your blogs.

And always remember, no matter how cool you each may think you are as gamers you are all a dorks to somebody.

Take care,



  1. Gaming was never cool when I was in school, but I've heard older gamers say that is was in the early days. I always thought it was a big neon sign that said "Don't Date Me!"

  2. Bravo ... I agree with you whole heartedly sir! WE should all just drop the versions war and enjoy whatever face to face tabletop game that floats our boat! If people want something to hate and flame against ... pick WoW or something :)

  3. [sarcasm]But, it's not fun if you don't make yourself feel better about yourself by insulting the intelligence and parentage some anonymous person you've never met except in a message board because he likes the "other" rules![/sarcasm]

    It's not restrained to RPGs, it happens over on The Miniatures Page and (if you're feeling especially sado-masochistic) Frothers Unite for miniatures in general and wargames.

  4. Absolutely!

    If it works for your group, great - if it doesn't, shut up about it. I never really got into 4E D&D, and it ended up falling apart 'cos the players were sick of the whole skill challenge thing.

    I don't hate 4E - we were playing it wrong, in hindsight. It's awesome for righteous slaying of evil with crazy powers in a way that other systems aren't, be they "better" for roleplaying or whatever.

    People are entitled to their own views - I say so ;-)

  5. Heh, good post.

    Oddly (?) enough, Grognardia recently invoked the Counter-Reformation.

    So yeah,

    Roll Dice!

  6. Great points. I agree completely.


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