Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Science Fiction Concept Sketches

Many of my sci fi miniatures projects start off as sketches. This is often something based on a model I have or something I'd like to try to build that I later go looking for the pieces too. Most of these never come to be (I'm not that good) and remain as sketches. Given all the old-school styled sci fi I had thrown out earlier, I thought I might throw a few of them up here so you can see some of the harder science fiction ideas I've had.

Here they are -

Orbital Tender/Space Rig

EVA Hauler

Sherman Tank to Hover Tank conversion concept.



  1. I love the sherman conversion and the VTOL. Great stuff. :)

  2. All very nice, but I agree with spielmeister on the hovertank and VTOL.

  3. Thank you for the comments. These things are the sort of stuff I doodle at work when I'm trying to keep from dying of boredom.


  4. Yep great stuff. I'd love to see what you'd do with some VSF concept.

  5. The space rig looks a lot like the space APCs from Space: Above and Beyond. I love that show.

    And the VTOL rocks.

    Now get busy and design a good VSF aether-to-surface lighter for me. Then build it. Then paint it. And send it to me. In my usual lenient manner, I will allow you as much time as you need to finish this project as long as it arrives on my game table promptly by 6PM on the 15th of March. While you're at it, I could use a Leopard-class dropship, too.

  6. Can I use one of your sketches in an independent film I'm making? It would not be the sketch exactly, but I'm using the design to inspire a still art piece that will briefly appear in the film. Write me at if that is OK. If it is OK, I'll include you in the credits.


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