Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[GameStorm 12 Report] Part One - Do you have Geme'?

When we arrived late Thursday afternoon we were greeted by Geme', the source of many jokes last at least year's GameStorm, we were surprised to see this quint little shop still around in the floundering city of Vancouver, WA. Unfortunately, it's not some upscale game store boutique but an art shop, of which there seem to be many clinging onto life in the area. Once again the "Geme'" jokes flew with us carrying our luggage and an entire cart full of games into the Vancouver Hilton where the event was being held.

"Do you 'ave gem?" (insert snooty French accent)

It is always a fun thing to watch hotel staff and regular guests react to seeing a cluster of gamers came through with a roof bag full of their bags being toted by hand because the cart is full of board game boxes only to see them again when they come through with cases of soda and room grub supplies (a later trip). The room was comfortable as usual and nothing too special. We managed to get a room with a mini frige this year which was nice for keeping the travel costs down as we could keep a supply of non-snack food at hand. Hospitality exists at the con but like any con it can be hit and miss and GameStorm doesn't have a ton of cash to throw around on such things, I'd imagine.

Headquarters established, it was time to get our game on. We all had various things scheduled for Thursday evening which is usually a more relaxed day as most of the con guests haven't filtered in yet. Even still there were already plenty of games to be hplayed, both scheduled and pick-up. I'm not sure I'll cover everything I played and it seemed like I actually played fewer games this year than last but I also played almost all scheduled games this year and made sure to take time to recover between games.

My next post will start the coverage of the games I played as well as some of the fun things I picked up in the dealer's room.

Good to be back!,


P.S. I saved my lost files, but seem to have now lost my flash drive.


  1. Fantastic post Eli - sounds like a great time.

    I definitely need to get away to more gameing conventions.

  2. I actually felt that Hospitality was the best it had been in years. I could actually eat a meal there, instead of just some chips and salsa, or some crackers and cheese, because the meat is all gone.

  3. Hospitality was better this year than in past years but my main observation was that supplies, as good as they were, seemed limited. Most of the times I went in they were pretty picked over, but that could just be my timing.


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