Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Word Verification Wednesday (Late Edition) - Litzi

Today's offering (late as it is) is intended more as a fun, perhaps even comedy relief encounter for what can be an otherwise grim RPG. The Mutant Future is likely full of cracked and off-the-wall beings and characters, but most of them are likely to also be tragic and broken, products of the wasting world that surrounds them. Not so are the Litzi, a strange race of mutant lizardmen who collect schtick and goofy things from the rubble.



Litzi (Laugh Lizards)
No. App.: 2d4 (6d10)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: Weapon
Damage: By weapon
Save: L4
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: IV
Mutations: None.

Litzi are are a strange race of madcap humanoid mutant lizards. Standing a good 4 1/2' tall with a stooped build, these nobbly skinned, jagged toothed reptile people are known most for their odd senses of humor. Though their natural coloration ranges from a dull green to almost rusty brown, they tend to come across much more colorful as each of them is often adorned with a collection of garish and zany items that they have collected from the ruins of the world around them. Novelty t-shirts, bumper stickers, strings of colored lights, funny masks, squirting flowers, and any other sort of trick or trend will often be found on the person of a Litzi.

Despite their comedic appearances, Litzi are not without their dangers. These diminutive saurians are driven by a constant, almost pathological need to collect, scroung,e gather and even steal more and more of the goofy items they love so much. Getting between them and their quarry is often a quick ticket to an insane attack of rage and desperation. This is compounded by the fact that many of the items carried by the Litzi are often modified into weapons in their own right. A mob of Litzi often carries a good three to four times the number of weapons concealed on their person than are visible to the average eye.

Below is a random chart of some of the possible hidden weapons and tricks carried on a Litzi. Roll 1d4 times for each Litzi encountered.

D20     Schtick
  1        Squirting flower containing a potent poison or acid.
  2        Joy buzzer modified from a stun rod.
  3        Gloves coated in itching pouder
  4        Hypno goggles
  5        X-ray glasses
  6        1d6 stink bombs
  7        Paraylizing chewing gum
  8        Woopy coushin land mine
  9        Inflatable decoy
 10       Doll or puppet with hidden camera
 11       Battery powered flipping animal with built-in flame-thrower
 12       Crazy glue gum
 13       Spring-loaded sneakers
 14       Armored superhero costume
 15       Living Crazy Goo
 16       Clown nose hand grenade (squeak and throw)
 17       Sonic attack laugh box
 18       Tangler fake dog poo
 19       Endless handkerchief smart rope
 20       Atomic jack in the box


  1. These are really cool! You should collect these for a monster manual later.

  2. Nice One Eli!
    I especially like the sock puppet on his tail!

  3. What did you guys think of the random table. Random tables just scream OSR to me.


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