Monday, February 8, 2010

A New Mascot -

You may have noticed the cheesy MS PAint emus of various distinction that I have used as filler art. I use them mostly on commentary posts that have no particular accompanying art. Well, as I have been drawing by hand more of late, I thought that I needed to draw a new mascot to stand in where those PAint mascots had. So, let me introduce you to the new emus.

                      OSR Emu                                                                                         Historical Emu

           Post-Apocalyptic Emu                                                                   Pulp Sci fi Emu

                                                             Hard Sci fi Emu


  1. lol these are great! fun, nice work dude. i think i'm most partial to the OSR one of course. what, no Boot Camp Emu? :P

  2. Thanks. They were fun to draw. I have to agree with Bulette that OSR Emu is my fav.

  3. Love 'em!

    Don't know what it is about that hard-scifi emu, but it brings to (my) mind Vaughn Bode's stuff...

  4. CB - The Bode look may come from the gritty detailing - the use of stippling and random chicken scratches here and there to make it loo weathered.

  5. Eli: Great stuff. :)
    --I wondered where this post had gone from its first appearance in my blog list.

    @Christopher B: Absolutely.
    --Vaughn Bode-esque.

  6. Wonderful! I love the hard SF and post apoc ones the most!

  7. Sic Fi Emu ready to explore the stars and Bodly go to where no other Enu has ever Gone Before


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