Monday, February 8, 2010

A New Mascot -

You may have noticed the cheesy MS PAint emus of various distinction that I have used as filler art. I use them mostly on commentary posts that have no particular accompanying art. Well, as I have been drawing by hand more of late, I thought that I needed to draw a new mascot to stand in where those PAint mascots had. So, let me introduce you to the new emus.

                      OSR Emu                                                                                         Historical Emu

           Post-Apocalyptic Emu                                                                   Pulp Sci fi Emu

                                                             Hard Sci fi Emu


  1. lol these are great! fun, nice work dude. i think i'm most partial to the OSR one of course. what, no Boot Camp Emu? :P

  2. Thanks. They were fun to draw. I have to agree with Bulette that OSR Emu is my fav.

  3. Love 'em!

    Don't know what it is about that hard-scifi emu, but it brings to (my) mind Vaughn Bode's stuff...

  4. CB - The Bode look may come from the gritty detailing - the use of stippling and random chicken scratches here and there to make it loo weathered.

  5. Eli: Great stuff. :)
    --I wondered where this post had gone from its first appearance in my blog list.

    @Christopher B: Absolutely.
    --Vaughn Bode-esque.

  6. Wonderful! I love the hard SF and post apoc ones the most!


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