Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gaming Group Members Revisited

In my initial post on my gaming group the pictures of Iken and Chris, AKA Chrispy, AKA Millhouse, were not all that flattering. I snapped a few more with my camera phone that do them a bit more justice.

Iken was trying not to look at the camera and couldn't help but grin when the lense was on him. I'm sure he had a deep desire to do somethign funny but for whatever reason was trying to "keep it serious" for the pic. Iken can be forgiven for his artificial candor as he provides our gaming with a roof over its head and a seemingly endless supply of soda in the fridge next to the table.

Here we see Chris wearing a t-shirt for a cartoon series that hit the air well before he was born. We threatened to tear it off of him if he couldn't recite at least one line from the cartoon. He couldn't, but we didn't. Chris catches a ration from us and has been given the nicknames of Chrispy and more recently Millhouse, not for any similarity or association with the Simpsons character but for his uncanny knack for finding and exploiting any sort of mill effect in a board or card game. When he is discovered using yet another mill, we will chant "Millhouse" and let our ire be known. Childish, I know, but it's all in good fun.

There, less blurry and a little more bio on the two of them. We are all excitedly counting down and gearing up for GameStorm 12 at the end of March. Look for coverage, if I can manage it.

Take care,



  1. That's a serious game room in the background. Is it a store or someone's place?


  2. Devon,

    The room is a dedicated outbuilding at Iken's place. Also, 90% of the stuff there is his.

  3. Eye of Thundra... grant me sight beyond sight!

    Thundercats... HO!

  4. Bzzzzzzz!

    Wrong, Mr. Womack!

    The proper line is, "Sword of Omens, give site beyond site"


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