Friday, February 12, 2010

GameStorm Is Go!

So, I am finally officially going to GameStorm 12. After many touch and go moments where it looked like finances would not allow for it, I have completed registration, supplied my share of the room charges and now have just food and expenses to come up. Yay!

For those who are not aware of this con, GameStorm is a healthy little convention that takes place in the Portland OR, Vancouver WA in late March (25th - 28th this year). This will be my thrid year going and like last year it is in the Vancouver Hilton. I am told they have even more gaming space this year.

The convention has its roots as a board gamers convention but is now serving a healthy dose of RPGs and miniatures games. In addition to open gaming and dozens of shceduled game events over the fours days the convention, GS also features some fun programs such as Game Lab where prospective game designers show off their prototypes. They also feature LARP events, a dealers room (this varies greatly in size), and a monstrous game library where attendies can check-out a game and play it (thisi s just awesome).

Here are this year's guests of honor, so far. I say so far because they have a habit of dropping in unanounced. Mike Pondsmith was there last year. -

  • Boardgame: Tom Lehmann, Designer of Race for the Galaxy

  • Roleplaying: Vincent Baker, Author of Dogs in the Vineyard 

  • Artist: Quinton Hoover
I had aspirations of running a game this year but poor planning and budget issues sort of halted that plan. If nothing else, I'll be playing a ton of board games and maybe find a minis game or two to get involved in. The whole game group and I are going to do our usual road trip down and there is undoubtedly going to be a pilgrimage to one of the states last remaining BIG FLGS, Game Matrix. The plan is to eyeball things on the way down and then make purchases on the way up, depending on how much or little I spend at the convention.
Anyhow if you live in the area and read ISLP I'll be there and am hoping they can fit "I See Lead People" on a badge but not keeping my hopes up.
Take care,

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  1. Very cool Eli! I might be scrapping Recon this year and just going to Rapier, Ancient City Con and Hurricon instead.


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